A medium-difficulty hike, apart from a lack of direction on the first part of the route, which allows you to make a loop and pass through the village of Soccia, Lake Crena, La Punta Sant'Eliseu and the village of Orto.
To avoid parking in the village of Soccia, where there are few spaces, and to avoid going as far as the parking lot above the village, which is dedicated to the hike to Lac de Crena, I stopped at a place where you can park in the shade and on the Mare à mare path (variant).
In Soccia, follow the signposted "Itinéraire véhicule" and stop where the Mare à Mare crosses the road.

From here, take the path towards Orto and after about 600 m, fork left on an inconspicuous path that runs along a ridge line and, higher up, a low wall.
We have placed a cairn at this junction, without guaranteeing its survival.

At an altitude of 1230 m, you come to a junction of paths leading either to the lake, Punta Sant'Eliseu or Orto.
Look out for this junction, which you'll need to find again to descend to Orto.
Head towards the lake.

The return via Punta Sant'Eliseu is via a cairned path up a steep slope that starts behind the janitor's house and follows the ridge line to the summit at 1511 m.

From here, descend the path that starts opposite the entrance to the chapel grounds to Orto, via the previously marked junction.

At Orto, take the Mare a Mare path which starts behind the wash-house at the top of the village, and return to the starting point by following the orange-marked path, which is also quite steep on its first part.