This diploma can be decerned to any licensed radiomateur or SWL who can prove that he has worked or heard 5 different corsican resident stations.

Contacts with former FC prefix callsign are also valid.

Digital mode contacts are allowed. All combination in modes, bands are possible. SSB, CW/40m etc...

QSL cards or copy or certified logs are valid.

Contacts with none resident stations are not valid.

This diploma costs 10 Euros (US $ are not accepted anymore), cash or via our Paypal account : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Send your request to :

TK5KP - Diplôme manager
Rés. les Golfes - Imm. le CALVI
F-20090 Ajaccio - France


IOTA - Island on the air - Corsican references

EU 014 CORSE - île principale 42°00'00" N 09°00'00" E
EU 100 Iles CERBICALES 41°33'06" N 09°21'48" E
EU 104 Iles SANGUINAIRES 41°52'42" N 08°35'36" E
EU 164 Ile de CAVALLO 41°22'12" N 09°15'48" E

DIFM - Diploma of french islands - Corsican references

TK001 LA CORSE EU014 42°00'00" N 09°00'00" E
TK002 ILE GRANDE SANGUINAIRE EU104 41°52'42" N 08°35'36" E
TK003 ILE DE CAVALLO EU164 41°22'12" N 09°15'48" E
TK004 ILE DE PIANA EU100 41°33'06" N 09°21'48" E
TK005 ILE DE PINARELLU EU014 41°40'24" N 09°23'36" E
TK006 ILE DE FINOCCHIAROLA EU164 42°59'12" N 09°28'12" E
TK007 ILE DE LA GIRAGLIA EU164 43°01'36" N 09°24'24" E
TK008 ILE DE GARGALU EU014 42°22'18" N 08°32'30" E
TK009 ILE DES MOINES EU164 41°27'36" N 08°54'30" E
TK010 ILE DE LA PIETRA EU014 42°38'48" N 08°56'00" E
TK011 ILE DE LAVEZZI EU164 41°20'30" N 09°15'18" E
TK012 ILE DI CALA D'ALGA EU104 41°53'00" N 08°36'00" E
TK013 ILE CORMORANS ou OGA EU104 41°53'12" N 08°36'06" E
TK014 ILE DE PORRI EU104 41°53'24" N 08°36'24" E
TK015 ILE POINTE SETTE NAVE EU014 41°50'48" N 08°45'00" E
TK016 ILE DE PIANA (CHIAVARY) EU014 41°48'48" N 08°44'48" E
TK017 ILE PUNTA DI L'OGA EU014 41°42'00" N 08°46'54" E
TK018 ILE DU TARAVU EU014 41°41'48" N 08°47'48" E
TK019 ILOT D'ECCICA EU014 41°35'24" N 08°46'06" E
TK020 ILE DE L'ANCURELLA EU014 41°39'48" N 08°52'30" E
TK021 ILE DE BRUZZI EU164 41°27'42" N 09°01'24" E
TK022 ILES DE LA TONNARA EU014 41°25'42" N 09°06'06" E
TK023 ILES DE FAZZIOLU EU014 41°23'36" N 09°08'12" E
TK024 ILE SAINT-ANTOINE EU014 41°22'00" N 09°10'54" E
TK025 ILE DE PIANA (SPERONO) EU164 41°22'24" N 09°13'42" E
TK026 ILE DE RATINO EU164 41°22'48" N 09°14'48" E
TK027 ILE DE PORAGGIA EU164 41°23'36" N 09°15'54" E
TK028 ILE DE SAN BAINZO EU164 41°21'42" N 09°15'42" E
TK029 ILE DE PERDUTO EU164 41°22'18" N 09°18'24" E
TK030 ILE DE LA FOLACA EU014 41°32'54" N 09°18'54" E
TK031 ILE DI U TORO EU164 41°30'42" N 09°23'00" E
TK032 ILE DE MAESTRO MARIA EU100 41°33'24" N 09°22'06" E
TK033 ILE DE PIETRICAGGIOSA EU100 41°32'30" N 09°21'18" E
TK034 ILE DE LA VACCA EU100 41°33'30" N 09°23'18" E
TK035 ILE DE FORANA EU100 41°33'48" N 09°22'24" E
TK036 ILE DE FARINA EU014 41°34'54" N 09°21'30" E
TK037 ILE SAN CIPRIANU EU164 41°38'06" N 09°21'48" E
TK038 ILE DE LA CORNUTA EU014 41°38'00" N 09°22'12" E
TK039 ILE DE ROSCANA EU014 41°41'06" N 09°24'12" E
TK040 ILE DE CENTURI EU014 42°57'54" N 09°20'36" E
TK041 ILES DU CAPO MURSETTA EU014 42°28'48" N 08°39'00" E
TK042 ILE PIANA (ILE ROUSSE) EU014 42°38'48" N 08°56'12" E
TK043 ILE DE SPANO EU014 42°36'06" N 08°48'00" E
TK044 ILE DE SCUGLIETTI EU014 42°25'18" N 08°36'24" E
TK045 ILE DE PORI EU014 42°23'12" N 08°34'54" E
TK046 ILOT DE GARGANELLU EU014 42°22'00" N 08°32'30" E
TK047 ILOT PALAZZU EU014 42°22'48" N 08°32'48" E
TK048 ILOT VARDIOLA EU014 42°14'54" N 08°53'18" E
TK049 ILES DE CAPIGLIOLU EU014 42°03'54" N 08°43'12" E
TK050 SCOGLIU LONGU EU014 41°34'00" N 08°47'06" E
TK051 ILE BAIE DE FIGARI EU014 41°28'24" N 09°04'30" E
TK052 ILE CAMARO CANTO EU164 41°21'48" N 09°16'06" E
TK053 ILOT ZIGLIONE EU014 41°35'42" N 09°18'18" E
TK054 ILE POINTE DE FAUTEA EU014 41°42'54" N 09°24'30" E

Le diplôme des forts et châteaux de France - Références corses

Département de Corse du Sud (2A)
Département de Haute-Corse (2B)

2A-001 Fort de Girolata
2A-002 Fort de Campu Moru
2A-003 Fort de Tizzano
2A-009 Tour de Fautea
2A-012 Tour de Cala Rossa
2A-014 Tour de la Parata
2A-015 Tour de Capria
2A-016 Tour Capigliolu
2A-017 Tour Punta d'Omignia
2A-018 Tour Sagone
2A-019 Tour de Pilusella
2A-020 Tour d'Ancone
2A-021 Tour Capu di Fenu
2A-022 Tour Turghiu
2A-023 Tour de Porto
2A-024 Tour Orchinu
2A-025 Chateau de la Punta
2A-026 Tour Capitellu
2A-027 Tour Isolella
2A-028 Tour Castagna
2A-029 Tour Palazzu
2A-030 Tour de Solana
2A-031 Tour de Castelluciu
2A-032 Tour Guardiola
2A-033 Tour Capanella

2B-001 Pietra
2B-002 Fort Muzzellu
2B-003 Tour Spanu
2B-004 Tour Vincessu
2B-005 Tour Caldanu
2B-006 Lazari
2B-007 Tour de l'île de Giraglia
2B-008 Tour Sénèque
2B-009 Tour Olivu
2B-010 Tour Tollare
2B-011 Tour de Rogliano

Château de la Punta