Monte Renosu - TK/TK-008
WWlocator : JN42nb64
Altitude : 2352 m - gain altitude 1150 m - distance 15km A/R
33 QSO 40/10m CW  6 S2S

Comments :
Start at the "col de Vizzavona", under the big communication tower. Long hiking (4h one way) with some technical passages when crossing the "Pinzi Corbini", especially on the way back with very steep and slippery descents. Prone to vertigo, this hike is not for you! Beautiful panoramas on the eastern coast of Corsica, the Bastani lake. Good propagation, but I had to shorten my activity, black clouds arriving quickly and there was still 4 hours of walking. The last 2 hours were also made in the rain, fortunately after passing through the Pinzi Corbini.