Capu di u Vitullu - TK/TK-063
WWlocator : JN42if34
Altitude : 1331 m - altitude gain +850m
34 QSO 40/30/10m CW  4 US stations


Comments :
Departure from the Piana stadium. Difficult end of the hike because of the heat and the morning fatigue (Capu Rossu hike) + weight of the rucksack with the necessary for a bivouac at the top. Superb view from this summit, not a living soul all day ... Bivouac on a surf, the only place sheltered from the wind. No tent, just a sleeping bag and overbag 'quite heavy but can resits to almot anything) .
I was called by 4 US stations from the start of the activity on 20m. Surprising what it is possible to do with 5W and a piece of wire ! Little activity and several band changes, including on 30m which provided some QSOs.

GPS Track Details
Track length 14.31 km
Total ascent 1200 m
Total descent 1205 m
Difficulty Level 3/5 - Medium
TerrainPublic access