Capu d'Oru TK/TK-074
WWlocator : JN42if48
Altitude : 1294 m
41 QSO 40/20CW - 1 S2S

Departure from Capu di u Vitullu (TK063) where I bivouacked at night. Seen from this summit, the direct climb to Capu d'Ortu seemed complicated, I only saw steep and narrow corridors. I decided to try this "southern route" from the "Foce d'Ortu" pass, the path being indicated on the IGN map. At the sign at Foce d'Ortu, cairns take a direction that does not correspond to that indicated on the map. But as they were well marked, I followed this direction. It turns out that the corridor is much wider and even if you often have to help yourself with your hands, there is no difficulty and at no time does you overlook a void.
The top leaves hardly any possibility of putting an antenna, only rock. So I decided to use a big cairn as a support for the fishing rod! 41 QSO with some concerns at the beginning, not having any answer to my calls. In the end, good signals over 40 and 20 m despite the antenna close to the ground.