TK/TK-049 Punta Tirulellu
WW locator : JN42la82
ASL :  1541m
61 QSO - 40m/20m CW -  1 S2S

Comments : 508 m climbing, 13.5 km.
Very warm day, about 35 C.
After 20 min of operating, i noticed that my coupler was still in the MEASURE position and that i was transmitting though the SWR bridge ! So, I had an attenuated receive and of course a much lower power than expected !

My friend PF5X sent me an audio record of my attenuated signal, fascinating what can be done with such low power !

20m produced a nice rate of QSOs and 40m lower signals.
I stopped because it was too hot on the summit, no shade, no wind..