Monte Cervellu TK/TK-043
WW locator : JN42kd73
ASL :  1624m
44 QSO - 40m/20m CW -  3 S2S

Bocca larga TK/TK-056
WW locator ; JN42kd47
ASL : 1425m
30 QSO :40/20m CW

Comments : 1200m climbing, 14.5 km.
Very warm day, but clear view. Hard climbing but enjoyable panorama and not too bad conditions.
I headed to TK/TK-056 for a first activation. It was difficult to find my way to this summit in the forest with no view and a LOT of fallen trees, stones, and bushes...
The way back was easier as i found an old trail that i could follow more or less, but seemed unused since many years...