Since the beginning, my brand new TS590s had a intermittent problem. The reception was fading and sometimes disappeared completely. Sometimes, the TX went away and at the same time, the HI/SHIFT setting didn't work above 3000 Hz.
I noticed that a slight shock on the case brought the rig back to live, but not always. Being new and under warranty, i sent the rig back for repair.



Back from repair, the form joined to the rig said "Control Unit interruption" ...  I could use the transceiver normaly for about a week before the receiver showed the same problem ! 

The receiver was still fading and a little slap on the case fixed this. I more precisely located the problem on the right bottom part of the case. Pressing the case, even slightly, induced all degrees of deafness ! The transmitter was perfectly normal during all these phases.

I finally opened the TS590s by removing the lower side cover (see picture at left) and pulled on every cable i found. The slighest move on the green marked coaxial cable and more precisely on the connector CN601 on the CONTROL UNIT board induced a receiver problem. Inspecting the tip of the connector with a magnyfing glass, i saw that it was not really crimped... 

I soldered the tip and everything went back to life... I took the time to check all other TMP connectors, and none of them was really "normal". I ended in soldering all connectors and i hope this will solve any future problem.

Now, everything is normal and i came to the conclusion that i had 2 different problems from the beginning... 

I hope this helps.

Update : meanwhile, i read that several other hams had the same problem. So i suspect a bad batch of cables to be the source of problems.

TS590 lower side cover.
Board position Connector CN601 positiion