03/03/21 TK-053 L'Incinosa & TK-072 Capu Sant'Anghiulu

TK/TK-053 L'Incinosa
WW locator : JN42KF12
59 QSO 40/20m CW - 1 S2S
Comments : Nice view on all surrounding mountains. Flat summit helps mouting the antenna. I tried 2 different antenna configurations and the center of the EFHW on top of the pole seems to work the best.

TK/TK-072 Capu Sant'Anghiulu
WW locator : JN42JF83
54 QSO 40/30/20m CW - 4 S2S  - 1 DX (USA)
Comments: Tried 30m for the first time, nice signals and actiity ! While enjoying the little pileup, i suddenly noticed that i've lost my keys (car, house, work, etc..), so i stopped and slowly went downhill searching for my keys... I arrived to the car with no success.
I prayed holy Rita, and retraced my steps back to the top, and by miracle i found them half way from top !! I should have taken a lottery ticket !!

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01/03/2021 TK-048 Punta Muro et TK-051 Punta Paglia

TK/TK-048 Punta Muro
WW locator : JN42od35
46 QSO 40/20m - 1 S2S
Comments : Nice summit with beautiful view. Easy 4 points + 3 winter bonus.
Path : Start at "Col de Sorba", steep climbing.

TK/TK-051 Punta Paglia
WW locator : JN42od69
46 QSO 40/20m - 2 S2S- 1 DX
Comments : Radio repeaters on summit, no QRM. I used the tower for my EFHW antenna.
Path : Chaotic path was hard to find from Punta Muro, a lot of fallen trees (fire) and rocks. Easier backtrack.

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TK/TK-008 Monte Renosi & TK/TK-031 Monte Giovanni

july 3 2019

TK008 1

TK-008 Monte Renosu - 2352 m - JN42NB64
TK-031 Monte Giovanni - 1950 m - JN42NA80
22.5 km + 1350 m

The start for this hike is from the ski station "Val d'Ese" that can be reached after the village of Bastelica.
It's a quite long hike that takes almost a day if both summits are activated. But it's probably one of the most sightseeing hikes one can make in Corsica. Several lakes and the famous "Pozzis" are some of the highlights.

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TK/TK-043 Monte Cervellu & TK/TK-056 Punta Purcilellu

26 july 2019

tk043 1TK-043 - Monte Cervellu 1622m JN42kd
TK-056 - Punta Purcilellu 1414m JN42kd
+ 1300 m
14.5 km
Two more summits doable in one day.
The start is in the middle of the village of Rosazia. In a curve, a small yellow sign indicates "Forêt de Liviu". I followed the yellow marks until i reached a hut at altitude 1390m where there is also a fresh source.

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Punta Migliarello & Monte d'Oru

5 juillet 2019
Env. 20 km et +1500 m de dénivelé. tk007 1
Altitude max 2389 m, min. 950 m

Randonnée difficile et longue, nécessitant une bonne condition physique et une grande réserve d'eau.
Le départ peut se faire de différents endroits au col de Vizzavona. Je suis parti de "la Foce" du parking du service de déneigement.

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TK/TK-053 & TK/TK-072

IMG 20190707 120850

july 7 2019

TK053 L'incinosa JN42KF12 +500 m 3.5 km
TK072 Capu San'Anghuilu JN42JF83 +170 m 2 km
2 summits doable in one day.
The start is at the "Col di Sevi", both are on each side of the pass and cairns are helping to find the tracks. Very easy summits, with absolutely no difficulties. Probably the easiest 2 summits expedition in Corsica.

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