26 july 2019

tk043 1TK-043 - Monte Cervellu 1622m JN42kd
TK-056 - Punta Purcilellu 1414m JN42kd
+ 1300 m
14.5 km
Two more summits doable in one day.
The start is in the middle of the village of Rosazia. In a curve, a small yellow sign indicates "Forêt de Liviu". I followed the yellow marks until i reached a hut at altitude 1390m where there is also a fresh source.

The Monte Cervellu is visible at SE, some cairns are leading to the easy summit. This later one if flat without any trees and allows an easy installation.
Nice 20m and 40m CW QSOs and 2 SSB on 20m.

tk043 2 tk043 3

I went back to the water source and from there i found a small path that starts behind the hut and goes NNW. There is an old track with orange marks, but with many obstacles (trees, rocks...) and i finaly lost it. I looked on my map, followed a drained stream i leaved to reach the summit heading with my GPS though the forest. An old fire has broken many trees making the walk a bit painful.
The summit is rocky with scattered trees, i could install my antenna without too many problems.
I have been begging to get the 4 QSOs from there ! No answer to my CQs and i was lucky enough to get some 10m QSOs, but it was really painful ! No reason why...

I found another track for the return to the source where i made a pleasant rest except the horseflies !
I choosed another track back to the car, It is unused and a lot of vegetation has growen on it, making it sometimes painful.

tk056 1 tk056 2

14.4 km, 09:52:18

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