june 22 2019

Capu à Cuccula
SOTA Ref : TK/TK-025
Locator : JN42KH11
ASL : 2049 m 
IMG 20190622 104919

Nice hike with a very nice view from the summit and a beautiful cross on top. About 13 km long and + 1000m climbing.
I started from the parking along the road close to the "Païsone d'Aïtone". The path is rather tricky to follow, too many stones showing different directions, more specificaly in the forest.
My tracks seems to be the safest way to reach the summit.

Not too much activity and some QRN led to only 20 QSOs with 2 S2S.

IMG 20190622 1135591   IMG 20190622 104953   IMG 20190622 094325
  IMG 20190622 085639   IMG 20190622 104343

6.5 km, 07:23:36

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