march 24 2019

Punta d'Isa
SOTA Ref : TK/TK-042    
Locator : JN42MB20
ASL : 1630 m

thumb tk042 1 

Short walk to this summit but very steep, +420 m for 1,5 km...
33 QSOs from which 7 S2S, all on 40 m CW !  CW rocks !!
A log sheet was blown away by the wind and stayed in the air for about 5 minutes, went very high above me and had the good idea to fall down only a few meters away...

The new 49:1 transformer for the EFHW (End Fed Half Wave) antenna seems to work just as expected. I used a much larger wire in order to reduce losses and have a better mechanical rigidity.
I tested it with my VNWA and results are very good. The transformer can be used down to 80m, but is optimized from 40 to 10 m.

I had a sked on VHF with TK5AE, but i didn't hear anything from him, nor did i hear any other signal ! Something must be wrong...
Back home, i tested the transceiver with my test bench and it performed very well.. The antenna did work only when i was bending the Rubber Ducky. I made a surgical intervention and found out that the feeding capacitor was not soldered anymore to the center pin.
Some solder and glue fixed that. I hope it will survive the next climbings...

tk042 2
tk042 3
EFHW tore1 fil gros
IMG 20190307 193650
tk042 4

3.2 km, 03:33:22

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