march 3rd 2019

SOTA ref : TK/TK-146
Locator : JN41iw11
Asl : 528 m 
 tk146 1

This summit is the highest point of the north rim of the Gulf of Ajaccio. It is a easy one as it is on a very popular track "Le sentier des crêtes", the crest road which follows the coastline from the city center to the slopes of Sanguinaires. Lasting three hours, this path is accessible to everyone, and offers exceptional views of the coast, plunging views balcony above the sea. This path allows a botanical discovery of the natural environment in mountain.

I chosed the shortest walk, as it was rather late and i already had made another summit the morning.
I used my car which has a high ground clearance and followed the track as far as i could, saving some time.

tk146 2  tk146 3  tk146 4 
 It's time to go back home...  The south rim of the gulf  Strange stones everywhere

The QCX worked again like a charm and i managed to make 34 QSOs on 40 m CW.

4.2 km, 02:36:45

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