Punta Sant'Eliseo
SOTA ref : TK/TK-073
Locator : JN42kb53
Asl : 1271 m
 tk073 2

Nice weather, no wind and a need of some physical activity convinced me to activate a summit.
TK073 Sant'Eliseu has never been activated before, is not very far from home but needs about 800 m climbing.. The right candidate !

The path is clean and well marked, so no problem. I already visited this summit several times before but without any radio...
Randonnée Tavaco - Sant'Eliseu (in french)

7.2 km, 05:57:59

Despite the ARRL CW contest running, i had absolutely no QRM ! The band was very quite and operating was a joy.
I worked 35 QSOs with 7 S2S contacts on 40 m CW only.

It was also the oppotunity to test my new 10m long pole and new LiFe battery. Everything worked flawlessly.

tk073 1
 tk073 3
tk073 4 tk073 5  

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