Punta Cuzzanicciu
SOTA ref : TK/TK-095
Locator: JN41ku64
Asl : 1059 m 
 TK095 3

This is the first 2 points summit i've activated.
The track to this summit is clean as most of it uses the "Mare a mare centre" path that crosses the island from West to East. At some point, you leave this path and there is a small track marked with stones that brings you to the summit. It takes about 1,5 hours and 600 m altitude gain.
On the summit, there are a few professionnal radio repeaters. The towers and solar pannels are poorly maintained...
The view is magical ! I saw the island of Sardinia and the smaller islands North of it... The gulf of Ajaccio laying at my feet.

Some snow laying on the ground but no wind, that made the stay not too cold.
I'm more or less trained now, and the station has been QRV rather quickly.

A CW contest was running and the band was full of stations calling, the 3W coming out of the QCX transceiver made it hard to be heard ! The contest finished at 1200 UTC and the QRM stopped immediately, the band was like dead !
Another lesson learned, "Look at the contest calendar when planning an activity". Should i have started at 1200 UT, things would have been much easier !

I finally worked 27 QSOs 40m CW. But i definitively have to build or buy a multiband transceiver ! It's quite frustrating to work so few QSOs...

TK095 1 TK095 2 TK095 4


3.1 km, 01:27:19

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