Punta Lisa
SOTA ref : TK/TK-123 (first activation ever)
ASL : 791 m
Locator : JN41iw17

TK123 1  Nice WX today even if very cold (for us), i decided to activate summit TK/TK-123 Punta Lisa that has never been activated before.
The climbing is easy and no problem to find the path. Climbing to the real summit needs some moutaineer skill and equipment, so i decided to install my station a little lower between the rocks shaped by erosion. You can imagine animals in these strange shapes.
I tried a new 5m fishing pole which is lighter and much shorted once folded, but it is definitively too flexible. The EFHW is pulling too much and the pole bends a lot, the usable height is rather low ! It took me a long time to find a correct setting amongst the rocks... 

The QCX worked like a charm and i'm always amazed to see what can be worked with 3W and a simple antenna !
I worked 24 QSOs on 40m CW. 2 S2S QSO with Austria. As ALWAYS, after a small "pileup" it was impossible to work any other station ! There was a russian contest running and the band was full of CQ TEST.

I'm definitively not happy with the key paddle i bought : the DCP from americanmorse. It is noisy, and i never could send clean code in any situation. OK, it's not easy with cold fingers and sitting in the bush or on uncomfortable rocks, but that does not explain everything...
I will try the newest version of W6ICP 3D printed key, a copy of the famous Palm key. The first one i've build works fine but the PCB material thickness i used made it too stiif to be used.

After that, i also shortly activated TK/TK-121 Punta Pozzo di Borgo.

TK123 2   TK123 3 TK123 4  TK123 5 
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