Monte Aragnascu also named Monte d'Ignascu
SOTA ref : TK/TK-110 (first activation ever)
Locator: JN41kw48
Asl : 888 m

Weather forecast was fine, so i decided to try to activate TK/TK-110 Monte Aragnascu that has never been activated before.
The path is very clean, no problem to reach the summit after about one hour hiking and 350m climbing. There were already some people building up a fire to roast some "Figatelli", a corsican sausage made with pork liver. So i decided not to disturb and went a few steps down.
A lot of hikers came later when i was erecting the antenna. "What do you want to fish here ?" was the question i had to answer the most !

TK110 1  TK110 4  TK110 2  TK110 3 

I've put the fishing pole on top of a big rock and the EFHW sloped to a hiking stick. I installed the station close to the stick and after a few minutes, i was QRV. A few CQs and i got some answers, S53F Vinko being the first. Signals were not that loud, and as usually, after a good little pile-up, i had to beg and stopped after 41 QSOs.
I really have to build a new transceiver, this time multiband ! 40 m does not provide enough QSOs and much more could be done with the 20m and 30m bands...

7.9 km, 04:38:05


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