Punta san Sisto
SOTA ref : TK/TK-111
Locator : JN42ja55
ASL : 876 m

Second SOTA activation for me...
Close to my home, Punta San Sisto ref TK/TK-111 has never been activated before. So, i was hoping for a good activity.

Punta San Sisto TK111 1  TK111 3
TK111 map

Once arrived, i started to erect the antenna and immediately noticed that i forgot the fishing pole !
For my first activity, i forgot my cellphone and had no watch..
Maybe it's time to make a good check-list, Huh ?

I installed the EFHW on top of one of my hiking sticks and tried to use the terrain slope as much as possible, but the antenna was VERY low over ground and i was not very confident to be heard at all !
But after a few CQs i got an answer from HB9CGA and i finally made 24 QSOs. 4 S2S, all with HB9 stations... That's the magic of HF !
After that, i called CQ for a long time without any answer so i stopped my activity.

The temperature was rather cold and my keying was far from perfect ! I will have to improve the clothing and operating position if i want to continue to enjoy my SOTA activity...

7.1 km, 05:15:56

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