04/07/2021 - TK/TK-121 Punta Pozzo di Borgo

TK/TK-121 Punta Pozzo di Borgo
WW locator : JN41IW48
ASL :  780m
50 QSO - 40m/30m/20m CW -  3 S2S
Comments : Easy activation, the site can be reached by car (by me). Foggy and cool temperature which was good compared to the 30C at sea level !

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02/07/2021 TK/TK-014 Punta alla Vetta

TK/TK-014 Punta alla Vetta
WW locator : JN42NB32
ASL : 2255 m
36 QSO 40m CW 3 S2S
Comments : 1057m climbing, 17 km both ways. Very windy and cold on summit, despite blue sky. I didn't stay there too long...
Nice signals on 40m.

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27/06/2021 TK/TK-015 Punta Migliarella

TK/TK-015 Punta Migliarella
WW locator : JN42MD81
ASL : 2240 m
81 QSO 40/20m CW - 5 S2S
Comments :  Close to 1100 m climbing. Best result so far, nice signals and conditions. I stopped operating but could continue due to nice pile-up.

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