There are several repeaters over Corsica.

The first one has been built in 1977. There have been several evolutions since, with a peak activity of a dozen repeaters !
By now, only 5 are currently active.

You can get some informations about the actual situation with the table and map below.

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Click on the markers to get some details.

marker-red=UHF marker-vert=VHF marker-blue= UNDER TEST

  Callsign Channel Frequency Shift CTCSS Locator Altitude Remarks
A TK5ZCF R1x 145.6375 MHz -0.6 MHz   JN41iw 780 m Temporary OUT
B TK5ZPS R5x 145.7375 MHz -0.6 MHZ 114.8 Hz JN42aa 950 m  
C   FRU5h 430.0500 Mhz +9.4 MHz   JN41iw 780 m Test + Echolink TK5KP-R
D TK5ZCG FRU6h 430.150 MHz +9.4 MHz   JN41js 530 m  
E TK1ZAR FRU6h 430.150 MHz +9.4 MHz   JN42nh 700 m  
F TK1ZBG FRU4xh 430.1125 MHz +9.4 MHz   JN42ri 290 m D-STAR + 144.7125 MHz



VHF REPEATER TK5ZCF. You can see the home built duplexer. (Click to enlarge)


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