TK/TK-121 My first SOTA activation.

After having build a QCX 40 m CW QRP transceiver and an EFHW antenna, it was time to test the setup "on the field" for my first SOTA activation.

I choosed a summit close to my home that can be accessed by car, as i wanted to tune my antenna and test my setup. The logical and only


choice was TK/TK-121 "Punta Pozzo di Borgo".

efhwThe antenna was quickly tuned with the help of my VNWA and a laptop computer. As it was pre-cut, i only had to adjust the length twice to get a perfect resonance on the 40/20/10m bands. The SWR is a bit high though, but i will check this later on...
I used a 5m fishing pole that is far too flexible and the top of the antenna was only 4m over ground. I have to look for something better or use it differently !

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The GR20 - Planning & advices

atmos vignette

The GR20 is a mythical long distance hiking trail that crosses the island of Corsica diagonally, from Calenzana in the North, to Conca in the South. 

The 200km trail follows the granite backbone of mountains that divides the island in two, many of which soar above 2000m altitude.  The GR20 is the best and toughest long distance hike in Europe ! 

I made my first GR20 in 2011 and promised myself to make it again with my son for my 60th birthday. So in 2017, i planned it and here are few advices. We made it in 10 days.
If you find this anything of helpful, please leave a post..

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