03/03/21 TK-053 and TK-072

TK/TK-053 L'Incinosa
WW locator : JN42KF12
59 QSO 40/20m CW - 1 S2S
Comments : Nice view on all surrounding mountains. Flat summit helps mouting the antenna. I tried 2 different antenna configurations and the center of the EFHW on top of the pole seems to work the best.

TK/TK-072 Capu Sant'Anghiulu
WW locator : JN42JF83
54 QSO 40/30/20m CW - 4 S2S  - 1 DX (USA)
Comments: Tried 30m for the first time, nice signals and actiity ! While enjoying the little pileup, i suddenly noticed that i've lost my keys (car, house, work, etc..), so i stopped and slowly went downhill searching for my keys... I arrived to the car with no success.
I prayed holy Rita, and retraced my steps back to the top, and by miracle i found them half way from top !! I should have taken a lottery ticket !!

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01/03/2021 TK-048 Punta Muro et TK-051 Punta Paglia

TK/TK-048 Punta Muro
WW locator : JN42od35
46 QSO 40/20m - 1 S2S
Comments : Nice summit with beautiful view. Easy 4 points + 3 winter bonus.
Path : Start at "Col de Sorba", steep climbing.

TK/TK-051 Punta Paglia
WW locator : JN42od69
46 QSO 40/20m - 2 S2S- 1 DX
Comments : Radio repeaters on summit, no QRM. I used the tower for my EFHW antenna.
Path : Chaotic path was hard to find from Punta Muro, a lot of fallen trees (fire) and rocks. Easier backtrack.

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