Apaguard V2.0

Note on 1st may 2020
- The HX712 does not bring anything compared to the HX711, the advertised gain of 256 is FAKE !! Confirmed by AVIA, but they continue to advertise this... ! Don't buy !
- The BME 280 does not last very long when used outside, even under a good shield. After some months, the hygrometer is showing 100 % all the time. The datasheet says it can be reconditioned, but hard to do for us...

This newer prototype has 4 A/D converters built around the newer HX712. The DS3231 RTC and a LT1761-5 low noise voltage regulator are on the pcb.
For cost and ease of use, i kept the Arduino Pro Mini rather than a ATMEL 328P soldered on pcb.

The 4 analog inputs allow the measure of either 4 differents hives with one load cell, or 2 hives with 2 load cells each, or a single hive with 4 cells. The software has to be modified accordingly.

 apaguard v2 3d

Arduino pinout

 A0 Scale 1 Out
 A1  Scale 1 Sck
 A2 Scale 2 Out
 A3 Scale 2 Sck
 D13 Scale 3 Out
 D12 Scale 3 Sck
 D4 Scale 4 Out
 D5 Scale 4 Sck
 D2 DS3231 INT
 D3 Alarme/Key  
 D9 SIM900 CMD
 D8 SIM900 TX
 D7 SIM900 RX
 D10 CALIB  
 D11 18BS20  
 A4 I2C  SDA
 A5 I2C  SCL
 A6 Spare  
 A7 Vbat.  

Here is the database diagram.

 I've written a new Web user interface (UI) allowing to administrator to create new Apaguards, and users.
A user can manage his account, Apaguards, apiaries and hives as well as having access to all collected datas via tables and graphs.
The page can be reached here : http://www.egloff.eu/apaguard


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