Arduino - save SRAM !

During the writing of my beehive monitoring project "Apaguard " using an Arduino UNO, i've been quickly very clode to the SRAM limit...

The Arduino UNO has "only" 2048 bytes of SRAM, which can quickly be filled if no precautions are taken.
Here are a few tricks i used during my writing, which permitted me to save a lot of SRAM and should be used by anyone coding on Arduino.

Arduino - voltage measurements.

At first glance, measuring a voltage with an Arduino UNO seems to be a simple task. You only need to use the builtin A/D converter and the analogRead() function. But if you want to do this and get good results, you need to take some precautions and understand what you are doing !

Here my experience, and at the end i got very good results !